1st Ramadan 1446 A.H. Starts on Friday, Feb 28, 2025

Kerala Ramadan Calendar

Kerala, an enchanting state on India’s Malabar Coast, invites our Indian Muslim community to explore the Ramadan Calendar 2025, revealing Sehri and Iftar times for cities and villages. With a scenic 600km coastline along the Arabian Sea, Kerala is renowned for palm-lined beaches and a mesmerizing network of backwaters. Inland, the Western Ghats adorn the landscape, nurturing tea, coffee, spice plantations, and diverse wildlife. Discover national parks like Eravikulam and Periyar, along with sanctuaries in Wayanad, providing refuge to majestic elephants, playful langur monkeys, and elusive tigers—Immerse in the sacred rhythms of Ramadan amidst Kerala’s natural wonders.

Kerala Ramadan Calendar 2025