1st Ramadan 1445 A.H. Starts on Monday, Mar 11, 2024

Odisha Ramadan Calendar

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the Ramadan Calendar 2024, meticulously tailored for the Indian Muslim community in Odisha. This eastern Indian state, gracing the shores of the Bay of Bengal, boasts a rich tapestry of tribal cultures and a historical treasure trove of ancient Hindu temples. Bhubaneswar is a hub of architectural marvels, including the famed Mukteshvara Temple, known for its exquisite carvings. The Lingaraj Temple complex, a beacon of spirituality dating back to the 11th century, encircles the serene Bindusagar Lake. The Odisha State Museum also offers a deep dive into the region’s vibrant history and natural environment. Our Ramadan Calendar provides precise Sehri and Iftar timings for all cities and villages in Odisha, ensuring you stay connected with your spiritual obligations during this holy month.

Odisha Ramadan Calendar 2024