Himachal Pradesh

1st Ramadan 1445 A.H. Starts on Monday, Mar 11, 2024

Himachal Pradesh Ramadan Calendar

Himachal Pradesh, a serene northern Indian state cradled in the Himalayas, welcomes our Indian Muslim community to explore the Ramadan Calendar 2024, revealing Sehri and Iftar times for cities and villages. Amidst scenic mountain towns like Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh bears witness to the spiritual teachings of the Dalai Lama, fostering a vibrant Tibetan presence evident in Buddhist temples, monasteries, and lively Tibetan New Year celebrations. Beyond its cultural richness, the region is famed for trekking, climbing, and skiing areas. Immerse yourself in the sacred rhythms of Ramadan amidst Himachal Pradesh’s majestic landscapes and cultural diversity.

Himachal Pradesh Ramadan Calendar 2024